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Don’t Put All Your Preparedness Eggs In One Basket

I read a lot of articles about emergency preparedness and I have written many of my own.  They often revolve around the type of supplies and gear you should keep on hand in the event of an emergency situation.  These articles are important, but what we must realize is that we should always look past […]

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Emergency Information: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Whether you are Evacuating, Bugging Out, or simply going on vacation, don’t leave home without having your Emergency Information with you.  To be honest, I never leave home without it.  You could simply be going to the mall and while you are gone, your house could burn down. I have often been asked why we […]

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Realities of Bugging-Out

The following article is an excerpt from the introduction of my book, Bug-Out – Reality Vs. Hype. Hopefully it will provide you with some insight and enlightenment on the topic. For many years now I have been following the plethora of articles, novels, and movies, in regard to Bugging-Out.  I have been amazed at the […]

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