The Layers of Life – Published August 1st, 2014

TheLayersOfLifeJohn’s new book, The Layers of Life – Thoughts on Nature, Living, and Self-Reliance, was published on August 1st, 2014.

This book is a collection of essays, accompanied by photographs, both of which the author utilizes to illustrate his observations about nature, living, and self-reliance. He describes his views and thoughts in a manner that is not only introspective and thought provoking, but often uses his words to paint a descriptive picture of his reflections, views, and feelings. The essays are light reading and provide you with a glimpse of the author’s insightful perspective on the subject matter. This is a delightful little book for those times when you just want to escape the realities of everyday life.

To order the Print copy CLICK HERE.
To order the Kindle copy CLICK HERE.

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