Practical Self-Reliance – Published June 18, 2014

Cover2.KDWithBorderFBJohn’s new book, Practical Self-Reliance – Reducing Your Dependency on Others was published on June 18, 2014.

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or country, you can practice self-reliant methods of living. This book is an in depth look at practical ways you can reduce your dependency on others, and work towards a life of self-reliance. It includes sections on obtaining, preserving, storing, and preparing food, recycling and repurposing, skills and tools of the trade for self-reliance, getting out of debt, the importance of water, lighting and alternative power, sanitation and hygiene, staying warm and cool, transportation options, and more. For anyone who wants to work towards being self-reliant, this book offers many helpful suggestions and ideas. The Kindle edition has over 300 pages and 250 full color photos and diagrams.  In the Print edition, the photos are black and white.

To order the Print copy CLICK HERE.
To order the Kindle copy CLICK HERE.

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