Why Did He Go


Remember those days
when just a small boy,
you’d play for hours
with a homemade toy?
You’d hang a rope
and call it a swing;
those were the days
of such simple things.
My Dad bought a dog
and gave it to me,
as a big surprise
on my eighth birthday.
We ran and we played
and swam in the lake;
He’d stand all wet and
waggle with a shake.
We were true buddies
my dog and me,
and how he’d bark
when I climbed a tree.
I never understood
why he went away,
I wanted so much
for him to stay.
But Dad explained
that some things go,
and even when
you love them so.
My Dad was afraid
to tell me then,
it had been a car
that killed my friend.
For Dads can be crafty
to protect their sons,
from pain and sorrow
when they are young.

Copyrighted © 2014 by John D. McCann


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