Early Morning Jaunt

Haze in the forestAt dawn I enter the forest as if her eyes are yet completely open. The new light of day filters delicately through the canopy that protects her; even though the day’s new sun has yet to reveal itself. My nostrils take custody of the early morning fragrance of the dew laden earth.

An owl is observed sitting majestically on a large limb, but no movements are witnessed. However, the movements of other awakening inhabitants begin slowly as they move forth to begin another day. A squirrel emerges from its nest, almost appearing to be wiping the sleep from its eyes. It then ambles downward from its tree and across the leaves in such a hushed manner that, if I had not caught the movement with peripheral vision, the moment would have gone unnoticed.

Early morning feeders, a Doe and her fawn, are observed walking in a leisurely, yet guarded manner. As the fawn, stops, stoops, and feeds, the mother watches, as a sentry on duty. They pass with an easy gait, noticing me, but apparently not alarmed, as I stand motionless, only watching.

The sound of fluttering wings provide evidence that a bird has taken early morning flight, but is confirmed only by the sound, as actual observation fails to be captured. Oftentimes, sounds appear to originate from one direction, but the reflection of sound waves through the trees, can cause a false sense of origination. Therefore, flight and identification of the early morning aviator will wait for another day.

Well, the first rays of the morning sun begin to filter through the trees and appear as rays of hope for a new day. Only in the early morning light can one feel as though they are again being reborn, coming to life for the first time, greeting a new day. Experiencing the aroma and quietude gives one a feeling of peacefulness and the forest offers a perceived sense of protection. I will return tomorrow, and with that return, another day of expectation will transpire.

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