Autumn Is Upon Us

Leaf covered path in forestWell, autumn is upon us again. I walk the trails and observe the vivid and iridescent medley of fall colors. The intensity of the red, orange, and yellow, produce a glowing brilliance from the sun’s radiance against their skin. The fragrance of the early morning air is different upon my nostrils, cool and refreshing. The temperature is not yet frigid, but crisp enough to warrant that light wool sweater.

This time of year always takes my mind back to my youth. Memories of hayrides, apple cider, pumpkins, and corn husks. The coolness that would fade as the internal warmth elevated from the exertion of raking leaves. Making the piles, as high as the wind would permit. And then the jumping, and landing upon natures mattress, hearing the pleasant rustle and crinkle of the leaves under the weight of my being. The laughter of family and friends enjoying an autumn day.

As I continue on my jaunt, I notice some of the leaves are already brown, wrinkled, and fluttering to the ground. I can hear the rustle of the dried leaves beneath my feet as I walk. I recall as a child, being disheartened at the loss of leaves by the trees, like a parent losing a child. But my father, in his infinite wisdom, once explained that autumn was a time to rejoice. The leaves fall from their parental perch so they could collect at the trees feet. There, they would decay and nourish the soil, so that the parent could continue its natural cycle of producing new children. Next spring, new buds would reappear, bringing with them new leaves.

Well I’m a little older now, yet I recall my father’s words. Autumn is a time to rejoice! As the scenery changes, the ground stiffens in preparation for winters cover. The leaves sleep so their natural decay nurtures future growth of the parent that brought them forth. Autumn is upon us, so don’t be disheartened, but Rejoice!

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