Hummingbird Clearwing Moth Gallery

7_23_16_1.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth approaching Hardy Plumbago.

7_20_16.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth at Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula).

VisitingBeeBalm1.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth approaching Bee Balm.

7_23_16_2.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth at Hardy Plumbago.

VisitingBeeBalm2.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth hovering over Bee Balm.

BackView_HardyPlumbago.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth enjoying nectar from Hardy Plumbago.

SideView_HardyPlumbago.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth approaching Hardy Plumbago.

HummingbirdClearwingMothOnButterflyBush.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth approaching Butterfly Bush.

HummingbirdClearwingMothOnButterflyBush2.FBHummingbird Clearwing Moth at Butterfly Bush.

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