Hummingbird Gallery

The following are some of the better photographs that I have taken of Hummingbirds around my property. New photos will be added when selected for inclusion.

8_4_16_HummingbirdSittingOnBeeBalm.FBThis is a very unique photo in that the Hummingbird is sitting on a Bee Balm branch while eating.

7_31_16_1.FBHummingbird approaching Cardinal Flower.

7_31_16_2.FBHummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_31_16_3.FBHummingbird at Bee Balm.

7_31_16_4.FBHummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_31_16_5.FBHummingbird in flight.

7_30_16_HummingbirdAtBeeBalm.FBHummingbird at Bee Balm.

7_29_16_2.FBHummingbird approaching Bee Balm.

7_28_16_FlyingOff.FBHummingbird flying off.

7_24_16_ApproachingBeeBalm2.FBHummingbird approaching Bee Balm.

7_24_16_ApproachingBeeBalm.FBHummingbird at Bee Balm.

7_28_16_MidAir.FBHummingbird approaching Bee Balm.

Hummingbird On Cardinal Flower.GalleryHummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_24_16_BeakDownInBeeBalm.FBHummingbird with beak down in Bee Balm.

Hummingbird On Cardinal Flower.3.FBHummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_24_16_ApproachingBeeBalmWingsBack.FBHummingbird approaching Bee Balm with wings back.

7_24_16_ApproachingBeeBalmWingsForward.FBHummingbird approaching Bee Balm with wings forward.

HummingbirdHead_7_23_16.FBA hummingbird head and beak peaking around Bee Balm.

7_27_16_WingsOut_CardinalFlower.FBA Hummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_27_16_WingsForward_CardinalFlower.FBA Hummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_27_16_WingsUp_CardinalFlower.FBA hummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_27_16_WingsBack_CardinalFlower.FBA hummingbird at Cardinal Flower.

7_27_16_BeakInCardinalFlower.FBA hummingbird with beak in Cardinal Flower.

7_27_16_WingsOutFromBack_BeeBalm.FBA hummingbird approaching Bee Balm.

7_27_16_WingsForward_BeeBalm.FBA hummingbird approaching Bee Balm.

7_27_16_BeakInBeeBalm.FBA hummingbird with beak in Bee Balm.

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