Bee & Wasp Gallery

I often take photographs of various bees and wasps around my gardens. This is a gallery of some of those shots, and I will add photos as they are selected for inclusion.

9_22_16_honeybeeonjerusalemartichokeflower1-fbA honeybee on a Jerusalem Artichoke Flower.

9_22_16_honeybeeonjerusalemartichokeflower2-fbA honeybee on a Jerusalem Artichoke Flower.

9_1_16_BeeOnGoldenrod.FBA bee on goldenrod.

9_1_16_BeeOnGoldenrod2.FBA bee on goldenrod.

9_1_16_BeeOnGoldenrodWithWebwormMothInBackground.FBA bee on goldenrod with an Ailanthus Webworm Moth in the background.

9_1_16_WaspFaceOnGoldenrod.FBA Wasp looking at you on Goldenrod.

8_29_16_BeeOnButterflyBush.FBA Bee on a Butterfly Bush.

8_26_16_BeeOnButterflyBush1.FBA Bee on a Butterfly Bush.

8_26_16_BeeOnButterflyBush2.FBA Bee on a Butterfly Bush.

8_26_16_BeeOnButterflyBush3.FBA Bee on a Butterfly Bush.

9_1_16_WaspOnGondenrod1.FBA Wasp on Goldenrod.

9_1_16_WaspOnGondenrod2.FBA Wasp on Goldenrod.

9_1_16_WaspOnGondenrod3.FBA Wasp on Goldenrod.

9_1_16_WaspOnGondenrod4.FBA Wasp on Goldenrod.

9_1_16_WaspOnGondenrod5.FBA Wasp on Goldenrod.

9_1_16_WaspOnGondenrod6.FBA Wasp on Goldenrod.

8_31_16_FourToothedMasonWasp.FBA Four-Toothed Mason Wasp.

8_28_16_GreatGoldenDiggerWasp.FBGreat Golden Digger Wasp on Mint flowers.

8_16_16_BeeOnJoePye.FBA Bee on Little Joe Pye Weed.

8_16_16_BeeOnJoePye2.FBA Bee on Little Joe Pye Weed.

7_30_16_HoneyBeeOnHostaFlower.FBHoneybee on Hosta flower.

7_30_16_BeeFlying.FBRear of bee in flight.

7_28_16_HoneybeeOnSombreroBajaBurgundyConeflower.FBA close-up of a Honeybee on Burgundy Coneflower.

HoneyBeeLandingOnHostaFlower.FBHoneybee coming in for landing on a Hosta flower.

HoneyBeeOnEchinacea.FBA Honeybee on Echinacea.

8_6_16_HoneybeeOnMullein.FBA Honeybee on Mullein.

CarpenterBeeOnEchinacea.FBCarpenter bee on Echinacea.

HoneyBeeOnWhiteClover.FBHoneybee on White Clover.

SharingEchinacea.FBTwo Carpenter bees sharing an Echinacea.

7_27_16_HoneybeeOnHotRedCoreopsis.FBHoneybee on Hot Red Coreopsis.

VariousBeesOnEchinacea.FBVarious bees sharing an Echinacea.

HoneybeeLookingAtMeOnFanFlower_7_27_16.FBHoneybee on Fan Flower.

HoneybeeLookingLandingOnFanFlower_7_27_16.FBHoneybee Coming in for a landing on Fan Flower.

HoneybeeLookingEnjoyingFanFlower2_7_27_16.FBHoneybee on Fan Flower.HoneybeeLookingEnjoyingFanFlower3_7_27_16.FBHoneybee on Fan Flower.

HoneybeeOnBlanketFlower.FBHoneybee on Blanket Flower.

7_30_16_HoneyBeeOnHostaFlower2.FBHoneybee on a Hosta flower.

8_13-16_BeeOnRoseOfSharon.FBBee on Rose Of Sharon Flower.

8_7_16_PollenLadenBee1.FBPollen laden bee on Mexican Marigold.

7_30_16_BeeFlying3.FBA bee in flight.

8_19_16_BeeCoveredInPollenOnEchinacea.FBPollen laden bee on Echinacea.

7_30_16_WaspOnMintFlower.FBA Wasp on Mint flower.

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