Butterfly Gallery

We have a bunch of butterflies this year so I have been busy photographing them. Thought I might share some of the photos. If I get new shots, I will add them to the gallery.

9_10_16_monarchonhydrangea-fbA Monarch on Hydrangea.

9_8_16_monarchonburgundycoreopsis-fbA Monarch on burgundy Coreopsis.

9_8_16_monarchonbutterflymilkweed_sideview-fbA Monarch on Butterfly Milkweed.

9_8_16_monarchonbutterflymilkweed_wings-fbA Monarch on Butterfly Milkweed.

8_25_16_TitaniasFeitillaryOnEchinacea.FBA Titania’s Fritillary on Echinacea.

8_25_16_TitaniasFeitillaryOnMexicanMarigold.FBA Titania’s Fritllary on a Mexican Marigold Flower.

8_22_16_ViceroyButterfly.FBA Viceroy Butterfly often mistaken for a Monarch because it mimics the Monarch’s pattern.

8_19_16_BlackSwallowtailOnMexicanMarigold.FBA Black Swallowtail on a Mexican Marigold flower.

TitaniasFritillaryOnButterflyMilkweed.FBA Titania’s Fritillary on Butterfly Milkweed

BlackSwallowtailOnBeeBalm.FBA Black Swallowtail on Bee Balm

7_28_16_GiantSwallowtailInHiding.FBA Giant Swallowtail in amongst various flowers.

MonarchOnEchinacea.FBA Titania’s Fritillary on Echincea

BlackSwallowtailOnEchinacea_WingsClosed.FBA Black Swallowtail on Echinacea.

8_1_16_SilverSpottedSkipper.FBA Silver-Spotted Skipper on Echinacea.

9_3_16_titaniasfritillaryonbutterflybush-fbA Titania’s Fritillary on a Butterfly Bush.

8_26_16_titaniasfritillaryonbutterflybush1-fbA Titania’s Fritillary on a Butterfly Bush.

8_6_16_OrangeSulphur.FBAn Orange Sulphur on Hardy Plumbago.

TigerSwallowtailOnOrangeEchanacea.FBA Tiger Swallowtail on orange Echinacea

BlackSwallowtailOnButterfly Bush.FBBlack Swallowtail on Butterfly Bush.

9_8_16_orangesulpheronbutterflymilkweed2-fbOrange Sulphur on Butterfly Milkweed.

TitaniasFritillaryOnEchinacea3.FBA Titania’s Fritillary on Echinacea

9_8_16_titaniasfritllaryonbutterflybush-fbA Titania’s Fritillary on a Butterfly Bush.

8_19_16_BlackSwallowtailOnJoePyeWeed.FBA Black Swallowtail on Joe Pye Weed.

GiantSwallowtailOnEchinacea.FBA Giant Swallowtail on Echinacea

BlackSwallowtailWithBee_7_19.FBA Black Swallowtail on Echinacea with a Honeybee flying in from the rear.

GiantSwallowtailButterfly.FBGiant Swallowtail on Rose of Sharon Bush.

TwoTigerSwallowtails3.FBTwo Tiger Swallowtails on Echinacea

TigerSwallowtailOnButterflyBush.FBTiger Swallowtail on Butterfly Bush.

TigerSwallowtailButterfly_7_19.FBA Tiger Swallowtail on Echinacea with damaged tail.

ThreeTigerSwallowtailOnButterflyBush.FBThree Tiger Swallowtails on Butterfly Bush.

TigerSwallowtail_7_27_16.FBTiger Swallowtail on Echinacea.

BlackSwallowtailOnEchinacea.FBBlack Swallowtail on Echinacea with wings open.

8_1_16_EasternTigerSwallowtailOnHibiscus.FBAn Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Hibiscus flower.

8_1_16_MeadowFritillary.FBMeadow Fritillary on leaf (about the size of my thumbnail).

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