Ex-Marine Loves Teaching about Survival in Nature

The Poughkeepsie JournalThe Poughkeepsie Journal did an article on me titled “Ex-Marine Loves Teaching about Survival in Nature.” Nancy Haggerty, the author of a column called “Without Limits,” said “When you’re in the woods, rarely do you walk in a straight line. And so maybe it makes sense then that John McCann’s path to the woods had some turns, some detours. There are things done for money. And things more meaningful… The 54-year old Hyde Park resident resolved several years ago to do what makes him happy. And his definition is unique. McCann, a former Marine drill instructor and private security provider, is the founder of the LaGrange-based survival school, Survival Resources… McCann, whose company (also) sells survival kit components (he even outfitted a group doing an Egyptian dig), authored the well-received 2005 book “Build the Perfect Survival Kit.” The book’s jacket extols him as a survival (expert) kit guru but it’s a label he shrugs off. ‘The first thing I tell students is don’t read the back of the book… The problem with experts is they’re people who know it all, so they stop learning. I’m never going to be done learning, I’m a student of survival…’ All is geared toward McCann’s goal to ‘leave something behind.’ ‘I’ve been around the world. I’m truly where I think I truly belong,’… I’m not doing this for the money but for the satisfaction.'”

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