BTPSK in the Times Herald Record

The Times Herald RecordMy book is discussed in the “Outdoor” column in the Times Herald-Record titled “Survival of the Smartest,” dated January 15, 2008, by David Dirks. David states that “McCann, of Poughkeepsie, has taken the concept of “survival” to another level. Knowing that much has been written on survival techniques, McCann has devoted many years to developing expertise around personal survival kits. In 2006, he published a book entitled ‘Build the Perfect Survival Kit.’ It’s one of the only books I know of devoted to building personal survival kits for all kinds of situations… In his book, he explores in detail the process of selecting the right components for the right situation… ‘Build the Perfect Survival Kit’ is well-written and full of detailed photographs on a subject rarely covered in any detail at all.” To see the entire article with photos, as well as a podcast, click here.

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