BTPSK in the Poughkeepsie Journal


The Poughkeepsie JournalMy book is discussed in a column in the Poughkeepsie Journal titled “Local Author Pens Useful Safety Book,” dated yesterday, July 27, 2006. The article discusses Orson S. “Old Mountain” Phelps and says “Not all of us have skills necessary to take off into the woods, as Phelps would say on a random scoot, carrying little more than clothes on our back. But there is a guy in Dutchess County who can. His name is John McCann. McCann hails from Hyde Park and is the managing director of a consulting firm that teaches modern-day skills that can be employed to handle an age-old problem – surviving under adverse conditions.” The article then discusses John’s book, “Build the Perfect Survival Kit.” He sums up the book stating “As for the content, it is right on point. Unless you have a tremendous amount of outdoor experience, there is something in this book – one little thread of knowledge – that could be just what you need someday to pull your chestnuts out of the fire.”

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