Why Did He Go

Remember those days when just a small boy, you’d play for hours with a homemade toy? You’d hang a rope and call it a swing; those were the days of such simple things.

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Standing Strong

I gazed at a barn that leaned to one side, and wondered what might be hiding inside. It stood there so lonely all tired and worn, just how had it lasted through so many storms. The paint was all gone, the boards had gone gray, but there it still stood to meet another day. How […]

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Nature’s Strength

I stood on the beach with sand on my feet, and watched the waves and seashore meet. They slowly drew closer and nearer they came, they rose and fell yet seemed so tame. But then I saw from where I stood, all worn and smooth a piece of wood. I sauntered over to where it […]

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Rocky Gorge

The Layers of Life

I was hiking through the Watkins Glen State Park in western New York and observed the cavernous depths created by the unknown years of water sculpting the earth’s surface, creating vast walls. It was like a miniature Grand Canyon, yet more intimate, due to the narrowness and diminutive nature of the meandering precipice. As I […]

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Human Carelessness

I felt the intensity of the emanating flames, and stared at the blaze from which they came.

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