Our Own Mortality

I have a t-shirt that says, “My own mortality will be the death of me yet.”  Some people laugh when they see it, some don’t understand it, and others put forth a quizzical expression.  But the fact is, with life comes the comprehension that we will someday die. I can remember as a small child, […]

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Interviewed by the Advantage Survival Podcast

Check out my Interview on the Advantage Survival Podcast. CLICK HERE  and scroll down to Episode 29.

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A Guest on Aroundthecabin.com – Campfire Chat

On Sunday evening at 8:00 PM, December 7th, 2014, I was the guest on Aroundthecabin.com. Rich, the owner of Around The Cabin, and I discussed my seven books, and took questions from viewers about survival, self-reliance, and emergency preparedness. A good time was had by all! If you would like to see the show, CLICK […]

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Wake-Up Call – A Novel – Published October 24th, 2014

This my first attempt at a novel.  This is what it is about: Todd Hamilton is jolted awake by an earthquake and things quickly go from bad to worse. Todd, and his wife Melissa, have done well in life until the earthquake rattles their world. Follow them for a day as they try to cope […]

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Bug-Out – Reality Vs. Hype – Published September 22nd, 2014

Not all situations will require that you leave the safety of your home, which would automatically make you a refugee. Bug-Out – Reality Vs. Hype is a thought provoking look at the topic of bugging-out! Is it the best choice for you, and if so, when is the best time? This book reveals the reality […]

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Foreward for Bug-Out – Reality vs. Hype

The following is the forward to my new book, Bug-Out – Reality Vs. Hype, coming out soon!  The forward was done by Jim Cobb, the author of Prepper’s Long-Term Survival, and others. The forward really explains what the book is about and I thank Jim for his efforts at analyzing the book. Forward to Bug-Out […]

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The Layers of Life – Published August 1st, 2014

John’s new book, The Layers of Life – Thoughts on Nature, Living, and Self-Reliance, was published on August 1st, 2014. This book is a collection of essays, accompanied by photographs, both of which the author utilizes to illustrate his observations about nature, living, and self-reliance. He describes his views and thoughts in a manner that […]

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Indian Pink


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In an emergency situation in the wilderness, there is a commodity that can be the difference between surviving and expiring.   A remarkable array of resources are made available by a magical combination of oxygen, heat, and fuel.  This extraordinary combination provides the ultimate survival asset – fire! Most people realize that fire can produce heat.  […]

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Tree Moss

I have always had an affinity for tree moss.  Emerald green in color, tree moss grows around the base of live trees and on fallen trunks, and give a mystical appearance to the woods.  The eeriness of the shaded environment in which they grow, is overcome by its alluring beauty, like a layer of green […]

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