Leaf covered path in forest

Autumn Is Upon Us

Well, autumn is upon us again. I walk the trails and observe the vivid and iridescent medley of fall colors. The intensity of the red, orange, and yellow, produce a glowing brilliance from the sun’s radiance against their skin. The fragrance of the early morning air is different upon my nostrils, cool and refreshing. The […]

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Wilderness Way Vol. 15 Is. 4

Wilderness Way Meet the Masters

In Volume 15, Issue 4, of Wilderness Way Magazine, I am featured in the “MEET THE MASTERS” Section. The article provides a little history of me and how Survival Resources was started. In the article, we talk about John’s book, Build the Perfect Survival Kit, and how I came to write it. The article also […]

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On the Survival Podcast

On Monday, October 5, 2009, I was interviewed by Jack Spirko on The SURVIVAL PODCAST. We discussed EDC (Everyday Carry Items), survival kits, both urban & wilderness survival, and the training courses offered at Survival Resources. If you would like to listen to that Podcast, CLICK HERE

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Haze in the forest

Early Morning Jaunt

At dawn I enter the forest as if her eyes are yet completely open. The new light of day filters delicately through the canopy that protects her; even though the day’s new sun has yet to reveal itself. My nostrils take custody of the early morning fragrance of the dew laden earth. An owl is […]

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Wilderness Way Vol. 15 Is. 2

Weaving in the Field

In Volume 15, Issue 2, of Wilderness Way Magazine, I had a 5 page article published on “Weaving in the Field” with many colored photos. I explain how to do hand weaving as well as how to build a ‘Field Expedient Loom” so that you can quickly make straw mats, a windbreak for a survival […]

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