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The Pond

When you were young, there was always that special place that you went to be alone, to contemplate what little you knew about life; a place of seclusion where you felt secure.  Those places varied for each of us, depending on our location, natural surroundings, specific environment, and of course, our own particular and peculiar […]

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Winter’s Unique Beauty

Winter is a season of frosty, frigid, and snowy weather resulting in many additional tasks of exertion and drudgery.  But, if one can overlook and disregard these bothersome inconveniences, and look beyond them, they will discover a beauty difficult to replicate in other seasons. A field blanketed with snow, as if enveloped by a white […]

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Our Own Mortality

I have a t-shirt that says, “My own mortality will be the death of me yet.”  Some people laugh when they see it, some don’t understand it, and others put forth a quizzical expression.  But the fact is, with life comes the comprehension that we will someday die. I can remember as a small child, […]

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In an emergency situation in the wilderness, there is a commodity that can be the difference between surviving and expiring.   A remarkable array of resources are made available by a magical combination of oxygen, heat, and fuel.  This extraordinary combination provides the ultimate survival asset – fire! Most people realize that fire can produce heat.  […]

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Tree Moss

I have always had an affinity for tree moss.  Emerald green in color, tree moss grows around the base of live trees and on fallen trunks, and give a mystical appearance to the woods.  The eeriness of the shaded environment in which they grow, is overcome by its alluring beauty, like a layer of green […]

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Butterflies are delicate, majestic, and like anything of beauty, arouse your attention, consideration, and appreciation.  I can spend hours watching butterflies as they light upon the vivid array of flowers available in our yard.  Of course, the flowers spikes of our butterfly bush is an irresistible lure , and they gather there by the dozens.  […]

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Trout Lilly

Spring – The Awakening

It seems only a short time ago that the shell like flowers of the skunk cabbage were poking their heads through the last remnants of snow, like a crustacean breaching the surface of the water. The buckets were being filled with the sweet sap of the sugar maples, draining from the piles, like a leaking […]

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Wild Flowers

Whether in a yard, a field, deep in the woods, on a mountainside, or along a stream, wild flowers are a thing of beauty unsurpassed by most other amenities.  Although the garden variety of flowers can also be exquisite, they are usually nurtured and pampered, whereby those in the wild must fight for their existence […]

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Rocky Gorge

The Layers of Life

I was hiking through the Watkins Glen State Park in western New York and observed the cavernous depths created by the unknown years of water sculpting the earth’s surface, creating vast walls. It was like a miniature Grand Canyon, yet more intimate, due to the narrowness and diminutive nature of the meandering precipice. As I […]

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An old trail

The New Trail

The pleasure of hiking a new trail is like reading a new book.  Each turn of the trail is like the turn of a page.  You never know what will come next, but you continue with unbridled anticipation. Each new scene is for the first time, yet impatience often leads the mind to conjecture what […]

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